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Our Philosophy

The mission for the 21st century remains the same, to breed a handsome dog with great natural abilities, a good nose, stamina, style, sound conformation and above all else, a powerful pointing instinct coupled with a desire to please their owner. A sturdy temperment is also a must. The average size of our setters in hunting shape would be males about 50 lbs. and females about 8-10 lbs. less. While we like some color we breed for ability rather than specific colors. Consequently, the colors of our setters cover the spectrum from nearly white, to heavily marked with orange, black or occasionally chestnut in varying combinations. We keep at least one and usually two puppies from every litter we raise because each breeding is an attempt to improve our breeding stock.

The number one question for many years was “What is the range of your dogs?” It is now “Do you have a website? The answer to the first question was and still is, “it depends on what kind of terrain you’re hunting”. We expect our dogs to adapt to the country they’re in and we breed for the type of dog that wants to go with you. We’re always looking to improve our line. We want the dog that does it all naturally and we’re sure that is what you’re looking for too! There is absolutely no substitute for natural talent in hunting dogs. It is much easier to work with a good dog than a fair or poor one. We believe we have an excellent line of English Setters and that there are a few other top lines of setters which will cross well with ours. When we see outstanding individuals from these lines we will breed to them.


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