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Smokey's litter pups

This list indicates puppies currently for sale and forthcoming litters. To reserve a pup, a $300 deposit is required. You should specify the litter, sex and color of the pup you wish to reserve. Your choice will be determined by the date of your deposit. Usually the first pick of the males and females is taken by the kennel. For example, the second deposit received for males from a certain litter will select second from whatever males are still available in the litter following the first choice. In the event we cannot provide the pup reserved by sex and litter, we will at that point either refund your deposit or transfer it to another litter. Puppy buyers coming to the kennel should plan to pick up their pup at 8 weeks of age or forfeit their order of choice. For puppies to be shipped, funds must be received by 7 weeks of age or forfeit their order of choice. By N.Y. State law we cannot ship or sell from the kennel pups before they are 8 weeks of age. Buyers must send payment in full by no later than 8 weeks of age or risk forfeiture of their deposit.

All of the females bred have been selected for their natural talents and abilities. Pups are guaranteed against any hereditary problems. Should such a problem occur the buyer is entitled to a choice of either a replacement pup or a full refund of the purchase price. Female pups are priced at $1500.00 and male pups $1250.00. Health exams are now required by the N.Y.S. Pet Dealers Law for all pups sold. The cost of the exam is included in the purchase price. Buyers will cover all shipping costs. Buyer’s picking up dogs at the kennel will receive a $150.00 discount. Sales at kennel are subject to 8% N.Y.S. Sales Tax.

Puppy crates may be leased for a fee of $10.00 and larger crates for $20.00. Registration papers will be withheld until the crate is returned.



















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